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MASH IT UP! is the debut album by The Wessex Pistols, a slightly demented four piece banjo punk bluegrass ska band from London & Cornwall. With a love of first generation punk and a bewildering hatred of celebrity chefs, the band mash up 14 tracks of classics and kick ass in true hillbilly style! Foot stomping covers of all the punk bands (and beyond) they serve up their barn-storming fare with high energy, great musicianship and humour. On his home-made “Banjo-caster” and mandolin is Banjo Bob with lightening fast picking and great vocals, Bob is determined to get his own song on the album. Dodgy Dave Smith leads from the back on drums, djembe and fiddle.  He is occasionally let out to mingle with the crowd. (Dave has no songs on the album.) Providing a much needed sweetness on several tracks including the stand out “friday I’m in love” is double bass playing Tanya Hyde (real name). Tania is hoping that from sales of the album she can buy Cornwall back from Rick Stein. Jim Bean is the self proclaimed “Squeeze-box Sex God”and also on guitar – needs no introduction. So put on your drinking heads, dancing boots, turn up the dial to eleven and…. MASH IT UP! N.B No kitchen implements were hurt during the making of this Album.

Upcoming Events

  • Hand in Hand

    • LocationStreatham Hill, London SW2, UK
    • Date25th March 2017
    • Time20:30 PM
    • Ticket PriceFree entry
  • Chaplins & The Cellar Bar

    • Location529 Christchurch Rd, Bournemouth BH1 4AG, UK
    • Date22nd April 2017
    • Time21:00 PM
  • The Old Mill

    • Location1 Old Mill Rd, London SE18 1QG, UK
    • Date6th May 2017
    • Time20:30 PM
    • Ticket PriceFree entry

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